MyWedding Invitation Details...

The following form includes all the details and possibilities that you could wish to have on  your invitation and R.S.V.P. This gives us a place to start to work with the base of your design. Please select the information or customize the section of your invitation in any way you would like!

Main Invitation
Hosting Information *
Who’s hosting? Traditionally it is the bride’s parents who host the ceremony, however this isn’t always the case. It is good to ask which parents are contributing and to give all credit as hosts of the wedding. Take a little time to figure out who is involved and what makes the most sense.
Please list first and last names of parents if hosting in this area.
Name of Bride or Groom *
Name of Bride or Groom
This is one of the easiest parts of an invite. There are only a few options and some are just a bit more formal than others. Make your choice based on the overall vibe of the wedding for the best fit.
Name of the Groom or Bride
Name of the Groom or Bride
Action Information *
This is where you invite people to share in your event. It should be supportive to your host line and in the same style (formal, standard, playful) so the overall vibe is consistent.
Important Information *
Important Information
What is the date of your wedding day?
Location of your ceremony? *
Location of your ceremony?
Location of your reception?
Location of your reception?
Only if that is different from the ceremony location.
Parting line or closure information *
This is the last line on the invite and the last place you can hint at the fun you’re planning or refer to something special you might be doing at your wedding. It wraps everything up in a nice little bow and leaves your guests rushing to return their RSVP to celebrate with you on your wedding day.
Title of your R.S.V.P.'s
If you chose "something else" from above please provide the alternative text in the form field below.
Are you doing a plated meal or a buffet for your guests? *
Please list the plated meal offerings you will be offering to your guests to choose from.
When does your caterer need to have a final head count back from you for your meals? *
When does your caterer need to have a final head count back from you for your meals?
If you do not know this date please fill in 30 days before your wedding date.