Behind the scenes at Lauren Rachel: The Re-brand

Why did you re-brand?

When I started Lauren Rachel Designs one year ago I had never worked in a professional capacity offering my services as a wedding invitation designer in the state of Maine. I took this safe step into the industry spending the last year really trying to figure out what my nitch in the industry would be. I wanted the business to reflect my experience, style, and the type of clientele I wished to attract.


Why the change to Lauren Rachel?

Maintaining the strong name recognition associated with Lauren Rachel Designs developed over the past year was a key element in my thought process and keeping the new brand simple and memorable was key.  Shortening it to just “Lauren Rachel” seemed to be the right choice for my brand.



Did you hire a designer or DIY?

Both. I have 10+ years of experience in design, art direction, advertising, marketing and web design so taking the time to design a logo and website was well within my personal and professional reach. That being said, I also like a second set of eyes to look things over. I have to work hard to write strong text and I tend to be my own worst critic. I rely on a few outside professional friends and family to help curate and edit my design and overall voice to be sure it is aligned with my branding intentions.

How long was the process?

To be honest, I’m always thinking and researching to understand the “lay of land” and where I fit into all aspects of the wedding industry. I want to show what makes me different and unique from any other wedding invitation designer out there and how I can better represent those differences. I’ve been planning to reinvent myself on my website to match my style since the beginning of 2016.  Much of it started with research over many months before making any actual design changes. I felt that the brand worked to get me going at first but it limited my ability to really show off my artistic and professional skills to my target audience. The rebranding itself took 1-2 months of design and research while the website redesign encompassed 3-4 months of work.

As I pursued my dreams of owning my own wedding invitation business over the last year, the journey simply brought me to a fork in the road. I had a choice of either ignoring my instincts to evolve, or dive in and figure out why I felt unsettled with what I had in place. I never stop learning and that means I’m always dreaming of bigger and better things and a bright future for Lauren Rachel.

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