A Couple's Perspective : The Grandy's Wedding Day

I had the pleasure of working with a couple from Wilmington, Delaware named Hari and Mike Grandy. They were married on September 26, 2015 here in Maine at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport.

I originally met Hari and Mike in 2011 at my sister Carly's wedding. They were in perfect harmony with each other and I could tell even then that their relationship was a lasting one. It was wonderful to hear from Hari a little over a year ago when she and Mike became interested in having me help them design their wedding invitations and day-of materials. The following is a composite of my conversations with Hari throughout and after the process.

Photo credits:: Invitation photo by Derek Masten Photography and Day of Wedding photo by Libby Neder Photography


1.  How did you meet?

Hari: "We met in 2009 here in Portland (Maine) during a regional training event for a non-profit organization. We went on to spend three weeks together before heading out to our station assignments; mine in Colorado and Mike's in Massachusetts. We talked every day by phone throughout the nine months we were apart."

2.  Why did you choose to be married in Maine?

"I am originally from Portsmouth, NH and Mike is from Toronto, Ontario. Mike also has family on Cape Cod, so we decided to get married in New England. Maine seemed so right having the perfect combination of nice attractions, venues with accommodations nearby and most importantly, the ocean! Kennebunkport stood out with two beautiful hotels, gorgeous views and everything within walking distance of town."

3.  Was there any specific reason you selected the Nonantum as your venue?

"We loved the reception room, the guest rooms and the grounds. The best impression however came from the wedding coordinator, Tim Ames. Tim has been in the business for 25 years  and we knew from the moment we met him that he would do a fantastic job. Ultimately, Tim was the deciding factor in our decision and he did not disappoint!"

4.  Was there anything specific that you especially liked and found joy in during the planning of your wedding?


Photo credits:: Invitation photo by Derek Masten Photography and Day of Wedding photo by Libby Neder Photography

THE DAY OF ..... ( the ceremony )

1.  Where did you get ready?

"In the Nonantum's "Bride Get Ready Room", dressed out with gorgeous lighting, plush furniture and beautiful decorations. It was large enough to accommodate most of the bridal party and the hair dresser too!" (eight total).

2.  What color and/or designer were the bridal party dresses?  Why did you choose those colors/designs?

"The bridal party all wore different colors. I allowed the bridesmaids to select any dress design they wanted, as long as all the dresses were different colors and floor length. My "bridesman" wore a gray suit with a colorful vest and tie. Because it was fall-themed, I wanted fall colors for them.  I've always wanted a rainbow bridal party, not wanting to settle for one single color.  I was so pleased with the outcome."

3.  What color and/or designer was your wedding dress?

"An Omelia gown, designed by Catherine Deane. The dress had a champagne silk underlay with an ivory lace overlay."

4.  Did you share a First Look before the ceremony or did you both write love notes to each other?

"We had a First Look before the ceremony; actually long before the ceremony. We met at 2pm and did our pictures for an hour before doing all the other wedding party and family pictures prior to the ceremony at 5pm. After the ceremony itself, we were able to enjoy the cocktail hour and take a couple of sunset pictures at a relaxed and intimate pace. I highly recommend the First Look to anyone. Getting all those pictures out of the way ahead allowed us to enjoy the evening much more."

5.  Was your reception inside or outside?  How was it?

"Our reception was held inside and it was GORGEOUS! The Nonantum is such a perfectly lovely setting with chandeliers, shiny hardwood floors and big bright windows that face the setting sun. Candles on every table gave everything a beautiful glow as the sun went down. The reception was fun, with lots of dancing, a photo booth and a DELICIOUS dinner. The evening's events flowed smoothly and everyone was happy."

6.  What was your favorite moment of the day?

"The ceremony itself, of course! Getting married is a beautiful thing and I will always cherish those moments."

7.  Any advice or recommendations you'd like to give to other engaged couples?

"Try to focus on this: This is a huge party!!! If there's food, booze and music, people WILL have fun. YOU will have fun as well. Let that be your mantra when you're stuck dealing with some small details during planning. Oh, and no one really cares if there are wedding favors on the tables by their place settings! No one really cares if the card box is a super intricate hand-carved oak masterpiece or a simple basket with a bow on the handle. They care about you and your loved one. If you like the details, get at it and have fun. If you don't like the detail because it stresses you out, FORGET IT!!!"

Photo credits:: Invitation photo by Derek Masten Photography and Day of Wedding photo by Libby Neder Photography