Wedding Palette Inspiration : Late Fall and Early Winter

When the landscape has faded in color and changed to the grey-brown of the season, a lack of inspiration can settle into the signs of celebration for your wedding. Quite often, couples look forward to the coverage of white snow on the ground to brighten the mood of the season and the holidays. In my opinion, the muted palette of late fall and early winter is a great base with which to work. I have gathered some stunning wedding palette inspirations for late fall and early winter weddings that I think will be a perfect compliment to a late season celebration.

Bold & Beautiful

If you are planning a high energy and eventful wedding day, I would suggest a spirited palette to match. Consider being adventurous and choose contrasting colors like teal and orange-red. These complementing colors are sure to stand out upon the bland horizon of late fall and early winter. The fun is in their opposition; orange-red representing the fiery color of fall leaves and teal representing the crisp chill of winter.


Dark, Moody Romance

If you are seeking a more dramatic look for your wedding consider taking a more unique path for your wedding palette by embracing darker hues. Very often a dark palette may come off as gothic or a theme reminiscent of “The Great Gatsby”, however you needn’t be afraid as there are ways to have a dark palette stand out without being predictable. Consider combining colors like dark plum, navy, hunter green, pomegranate or berry to give an intriguing twist.


Fire and Ice

If you are thinking of an “opposites attract” type of wedding event, you may consider a palette themed for fire and ice. The contrast of complimentary colors within the spectrum of the fiery colors of red, orange and yellow will look stunning when paired with white, light grey and pale blue. Picture a frosted November morning when those last few trees still have some of their colorful leaves!


Subtle & Soft

Are you planning a sophisticated event with a more delicate wedding palette? Consider embracing the colors of the in-between months by selecting the neutral and natural colors of nature. Brown, white, grey and green are a lovely and delicate palette for your wedding day when combined in creative and subtle ways.

Seeking more suggestions or collaboration on choosing your color palette? Please contact me for a chat or visit any of my wedding palette blog posts for more suggestions and inspirations.

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