Why you should hire professionals for your wedding


Any wedding, big or small can and will be stressful. Even the coolest cucumber can have a moment of panic on their big day. Some of the strongest elements any professional will bring to your event will be the expertise and experience necessary to successfully execute your wedding tasks. From wedding planners and photographers to custom invitation designers and caterers, this is our profession. You should consider confiding in us to help you with your wedding day.

Often a lack of cash flow can contribute to the decision of not investing in a wedding professional.  Perhaps your second cousin, twice removed, is available at the very inexpensive price of “free”. That doesn’t mean they are the right choice. When it comes to your big day and the elements that make it less stressful for you, “free” most often doesn’t pay off.

Your wedding professionals should have credentials and a background of success which will generate your trust in getting the job done well. When considering the hiring of a professional, you must first review their experience. Ask about the equipment, or the time that they will dedicate to you. “Free” can be tough to pass up, especially if your budget is tight. More often than not, you get what you pay for and the investment in proper professionals is worth the expense.

In my business, I strive to offer couples the curation of custom design of invitations and day-of materials. They share their ideas and inspiration for the big day and I bring them to life through ink and paper. I am very serious about the responsibility of using my knowledge and love of paper, making their paper goods stand out from the crowd and impressing their guests with all the amazing details.

I strongly suggest researching and interviewing more than one experienced professional for each of the segments of your wedding. Focus on the segments that you feel most stressed over.  These could be things that take a lot of extra time for you to complete on your own, or involve a specific knowledge that you would need to research before feeling confident in completing yourself. Remember, a wedding professional knows what they are doing, and they are good at it. You need to trust them and lean on them so you can enjoy the time with your spouse prior to the big day. They will help make your day truly special and something you will talk about and celebrate for years to come.

If you are interested in avoiding the stress of wedding invitation design, I’m happy to help. Contact me today!