Elegant and Striking Winter Palette Ideas

I am often drawn to many different printing techniques as well as unusual color palettes. One the most versatile printing options available is silk screen printing. I enjoy using this type of printing when I want to do an eye-catching palette on a dark paper. The ink is more vibrant and thicker and it stands out. Below are some of my favorite winter inspired palettes using dark shades as a base color for your paper.

Navy blue as your base color is a great way to incorporate sophistication, unity and stability. Navy has a way of making bright colors pop. I love this palette because it plays in the cooler colors, primarily with small hints of warmth in the metallic and tan.

Dark plum as your base color proclaims royalty. It combines the stability of blue but incorporates the energy of a red. Plum is a very versatile color and this palette stands out as very luxurious, especially with the softer tones of blush and nude.

Slate gray is a very practical and balanced color when it appears alone, however when paired with the striking beauty of colors it can become more fun and timeless. I’m a big fan of black and gray for everything because it is so versatile. This palette makes a statement that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Black is a very elegant and somewhat mysterious color that will change the overall feeling of a design immediately. Black as a base color makes a sophisticated statement that will easily make your colors stand out. This palette uses a variety of colors to create depth leading to a somewhat rare and stylized look.

I like to use colored base papers as they are more striking and frankly, you don’t see them used in wedding invitations very often. Any of these examples of dark base color palettes would create a beautiful and rare winter wedding palette. Discussing color palettes with couples is one of my favorite things to do as choosing the colors that best represents their personalities can be so much fun! Being given the opportunity to print on colored papers while creating these unique wedding invitations is one of the best and most rewarding aspects of my design process.