Wedding design with a hint of holiday cheer!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Who wouldn’t want to borrow some of that merry cheer for their wedding day? There are so many ways to infuse a little holiday spirit and fun into your wedding without making your special day feel like a family/office holiday party! Take a peek at some of my holiday inspirations, and remember, ‘tis the season to be merrily-married!

In your invitations

I love to add a little holiday spirit into my custom invitation designs. The beautiful thing about custom invitations it’s possible to come up with designs or elements that hint at the season but don’t scream “happy holidays”. I try to keep in mind the following when I’m asked to design a winter holiday inspired wedding invitation:

  1. Use a palette with a hint of holiday color like red or gold.
  2. Try incorporating trimmings/ribbons in velvet or metallic.
  3. Use subtle, wintery graphics like snowflakes or pinecones.
  4. NEVER look for inspiration from a holiday card.

Below I’ve gone even further and made some holiday inspired suggestions for your November – February wedding.

Ornaments in non-traditional colors

Instead of red and green Christmas bulbs try gold, silver, rose gold or ice blue to accent your wedding colors in pretty metallics.

Mistletoe or kissing balls

Both are known to be a sign of love and friendship. Why not break some out at your wedding and encourage folks to be a little spontaneous.

Use wreaths but skip the evergreen boughs

A wreath is definitely a sign of the holiday but when created with non-evergreen elements and a unique non-traditional red bow it can take on a different feeling with the decor. 

Wintery treats

Embrace the sweets we all love and crave over the holiday season. Send your guests off with a holiday inspired favor, like DIY s'mores, a cozy fleece blanket, knit gloves or peppermint cocoa!

White twinkle lights

This is simply the easiest way to add a lovely ambience and glow to your wedding decor and it can be used all year round. Consider choosing some other twinkle light colors or shapes to jazz up your look.

Cozy fur

Your wedding outfit could use a touch of cozy. Whether it’s white fur ear muffs, a fur stole or fur cuff mittens, those little touches of “cozy” can make a huge difference in your holiday inspired look. 

One-Horse open Sleigh

Let’s face it, the song says it all. Who doesn’t want to show up in a one-horse open sleigh as  soft snow falls from the sky.  It can make a wedding so dreamy and perfectly whimsical.

Amaryllis or Poinsettias

These stunning flowers are found everywhere during the holidays and can make beautiful additions to your centerpieces or your bouquet. They make a large statement and come in a variety of colors as well.

Use red only

What do I mean when I say this? Rather than doing a red and green holiday palette, simply limit your palette to red as the primary with the addition of a few accent colors like white and gold.  Red is the color of passion and on its own can still be a nod to the holidays without saying “Merry Christmas” on your wedding day.


Who doesn’t love a good holiday drink, especially when celebrating with friends and family.  You could debut a signature drink that will add to the festivities.  I very much enjoy some rum spiked eggnog or a warm glass of mulled wine; both true holiday favorites.

Find more winter wedding inspiration on my Winter Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board.

Inspiration gathered from these locations: Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, and Marshalls