Inspired by Nature, Fall Wedding Palette Ideas

I am a New England girl at heart.  I was born and raised in Vermont and have lived in Maine for the last 10 years.  One of the strongest reasons I have decided to stay in the northeast is that I love the change in seasons and I especially love the fall.  The air is crisp and clear, the ground crunches with leaves underfoot, and there are pumpkins everywhere!  The rich and vivid colors make a picturesque backdrop to any wedding. Autumn is an undeniably beautiful season and a wedding at this time in New England would provide a rich palette of colors in a beautiful location.  Below are some stunning palettes to consider when choosing colors to match the natural fall foliage for your fall wedding.

Jewel tones accent autumn colors perfectly and can be stunning when used in wedding invitations.  Imagine a rich plum, bordeaux, evergreen or midnight as a contrasting distinction among the bright rolling mountains of orange and yellow foliage.

Softer, muted tones can enhance the natural highlights of autumn foliage.  They can also make a beautiful juxtaposition in wedding invitations suggesting a subtle, refined peace as well as a more composed look.

Harvest palettes are a natural choice for the fall season but can still be playful and/or thoughtful.  This natural palette will be easier for the florist to match to centerpieces and arrangements can be inspired by the rich autumn colors and elements.

Unique palettes for the fall season are daring and exciting and can be quite unexpected.  While keeping in mind the natural palette of the fall scenery, colors like chartreuse, navy, peacock and raspberry can create a fun and happy accent making a wedding palette stand out.  For those who wish to be more adventuresome, the fall accent palettes below would be a great way to express a fashionable statement on your wedding day.

Any of these fall color palettes would make a gorgeous wedding palette.  I am truly inspired by the rich colors of nature and fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in New England.  Your wedding at this time of year would have so many color options and these are some of my favorites for designing your wedding invitations.